Wilanów Palace


The garden.

The park, closely surrounding the palace, covers 43 hectares and presents various styles of the art of gardening from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Small buildings and statues are hidden in its greenery.

The park has been built over a 300-year period, begun with the original manor construction in 1677 under King John III Sobieski’s direction. Three formal gardens exist on the palace grounds. The Baroque parterre in the French - Italian style is situated centrally. A one-acre flower garden on the north end, next to the Orangery, has a fountain, ancient-style statues, and benches to immerse yourself in the flower scents carried on the breeze.

On the south side of Wilanów Palace, beneath the royal apartments, is yet another formal garden. The Neo-Renaissance rose garden is set in-the-round, on a plateau overlooking the southern park. Labyrinth hedge-works hold high rosebushes that dapple the green landscape in reds and whites and yellows.


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