"Fluctuat nec mergitur"


Vista on Paris from the Eiffel Tower - pictures by Michel Zacharz


A detail of the Chaillot Palace and the La Défense buisiness district in background


View on the north-west; in the middle there's the Arch of Triumph


Trocadéro park, Chaillot Palace and in background the La Défense district


Mount Montmartre and the Sacré-Coeur basilica


View on the north-east


A detail of the Mars' Field, the Military school and the Montparnasse Tower


View of the south-west: Beaugrenelle district on the left and the House of the Radio on the right


Boulogne Wood and La Défense district

Trocadéro park and Chaillot Palace


Mars' Field and the Military School


Invalides Palace: Museum of the Army and under the golden dome - Napoleon's tomb

Copyright (c) 2004-2005 by Michel Zacharz